How to Get Started

Individuals Living in Senior Communities

If you are planning to move to, currently living in, or are an employee of a Residential Care/Long Term Care/Retirement facility, please have the residential care manager contact us. Once registered with us, your medication needs will be taken care of by our staff. Starting service with us is fast and easy!

  • New prescriptions may be faxed, called-in, or sent electronically to our pharmacy.
  • Once the patient is registered with us, the prescriptions will be filled and delivered/picked-up/shipped accordingly.
  • Refill requests will be faxed or sent electronically to you as needed.
Long Term Care/Residential Care Facilities
  • Register each patient with us: Our representative will work with you in getting all required information.
  • Contact the physician: Once a comprehensive medication profile for the resident is obtained, a pharmacist will review them and contact the presriber for new prescriptions/refills for each medication.
  • Medication Administration Records (MARs): Daily MARs with specific time of administrations can be provided to assist with medication administration records/compliance.
  • Several bubble packing systems are available:
    • Medicine-On-Time: Date and time specific bubble packing system. Training for this unique pre-sorted system is available to your facility staff, if needed.
    • Traditional bubble packaging
    • Prescription vials
  • Refills: We will contact the physicians for all appropriate refills